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All programs at our Centre only cater for children aged 3 years and above. If you are interested in our programs, your next step is to join our Waiting List. We use an online Waiting List platform. Your application will be submitted to us automatically and you will receive an email confirmation. There is a $25 fee (plus a credit card handling fee) per family to lodge a Waiting List Application.

Our main intake for our kindergarten and the waratah program is in January each year, although places may occasionally become available throughout the year. Places in our Kindi Care program are often available throughout the year and can be a great stepping-stone to longer days and a place within the kindergarten program

Places are allocated in accordance with our Enrolment Policy.  Length of time on the waiting list will vary depending on the number of vacancies that occur, how flexible families can be, and the program that is sought.

Our Centre is NOT part of the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme, due to our unique combination child care and sessional kinder. We do follow a similar time line to the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme, for your convenience. The allocation of Kindergarten places usually commences in the second week of Term 3 (mid July). People applying for Child Care in addition to Kindergarten will receive Child Care offers at this time.

Waratah and Kindi Care places are offered once Kindergarten places are finalised. This usually occurs in Term 4 – (Sept/Oct) each year.

For more information call

(03) 9882 3157


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