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That is reflective, ongoing, engaging and meaningful.


The acceptance of individual differences and purposeful actions to ensure that all people reach their potential and are celebrated.


Authentic relationships that are founded on kindness, understanding and empathy.


A sense of belonging and being part of something bigger.  Forming connections and contributing to the world around us.



We are guided by early years learning frameworks, educational philosophies and holistic teaching practices across all elements of our programs. The educational programs implemented by our passionate educators promote a strength-based approach to all children’s learning and development. Children’s individuality, capabilities and perspectives are promoted and celebrated through purposeful, intentional and reflective teaching. Educators view the learning environment as the third teacher, utilising these spaces to further enrich children’s learning and to support their ongoing development. Educators provide educationally rich resources and stimulating learning experiences, which cultivate ongoing inquiry, hypothesis, and exploration. Children’s perspectives, feelings, enjoyment and humour are valued within the educational setting.  Educators understand the role of social-emotional wellbeing in supporting children's positive attitudes towards learning. Risky play is encouraged and celebrated, and educators recognise the influential knowledge children gain from taking informed risks and the benefit these experiences afford their self-awareness, confidence, and identity.


We provide an inclusive environment that embraces, celebrates and supports individual differences. We welcome diversity in our community and are inclusive of all families. We encourage children to value themselves and those around them. We believe that families are the most influential teacher in their child’s lives. By building strong relationships with children and families, we provide an environment where children can thrive, as they feel safe, secure, and supported. We encourage collaborative relationships with the community and work alongside agencies and families to create the best learning environment we can for all children.


We believe that authentic relationships are founded on kindness, understanding and empathy. We value and nurture genuine partnerships with families, built on the continuous sharing of information and respecting differing perspectives. Educators encourage children to make their own decisions and choices, which fosters their growing autonomy and agency. Respect for oneself, others, and our environment are at the core of all our actions.


We acknowledge and embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land. We are committed to gaining a deeper understanding of First Nations history and cultures. We are grateful to be learning on Wurundjeri land.


We view children as active participants within the local and wider community. We value the expertise of our local community members, seeking their knowledge where relevant to our educational programs. We embrace connecting and exploring within our community and value the role that this plays in children's learning. We seek to form connections with and contribute to the world around us.

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